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Mangrove Mountain and Districts Community News

Mangrove Mountain and Districts Community News


The Community News is a local newspaper publication, in a double sided A4 magazine style format of approximately 24 pages with 3000 copies.

Voices of Central Coast (VOCC)Media Release28 February 2024Public Forum – Looking forward to the future of local government on the Central CoastThe Voices of Central Coast (VOCC) will be holding a Public Forum with expert speakers in the lead up to the Council elections this year. How does local government really work?How can we rebuild effective local democracy on the Central Coast?Barbara Wills, President of VOCC, said “this year is an important year for local democracy and the opportunity to have elected representatives returned to Central Coast Council”.“There has been a high level of community dissatisfaction with Council under Administration for almost 5 of the last 8 years.”“There is also deep concern about the current Administrator’s efforts to influence the upcoming Council elections and promote the view that Council is a de facto Board of Directors – rather than representing the interests of residents, ratepayers and the community.”Expert speakers will suggest some fresh thinking about the varied roles of Councillors and the underlying purpose and nature of local government in our region.Speakers include Glenn Inglis, Managing Director, The Inglis Group, Former Council CEO and Councillor and Graham Sansom, Adjunct Professor, UTS Institute of Public Policy and Governance. The event will have an independent facilitator, Mr. David Abrahams.This event will give community organisations and residents the background information that they need in the run-up to September Council elections as they consider what kind of candidates they want to support. It will also be useful for anybody considering standing as a candidate in the upcoming elections.VOCC is a non-partisan community group that wants to improve our democracy.The Public Forum will be held on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 from 6.30-8.30pm at Ourimbah. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential.Register at:‍About our Speakers:Glenn InglisGlenn has held senior management positions in Local Government for over thirty years. He was General Manager of Tamworth Regional Council for six years and Parry Shire Council for eleven years. Under Glenn’s leadership Tamworth Regional Council was awarded the 2009 A R Bluett Memorial Trust Award for the most progressive Council in NSW.Glenn was a consulting lecturer at Charles Sturt University Bathurst for eight years. Teaching subjects at Masters level included the examination of a practical and theoretical basis for an enterprise role for government in entrepreneurial & strategic economic development.Glenn is currently the Managing Director of The Inglis Group: Delivering strategic advisory services to Local Government on strategic policy, systems of governance, PD, and interim Chief Executive Officer appointments.Graham SansomGraham has been an Adjunct Professor at UTS since 2013. From 1998 to 2012 he was director of the UTS Centre for Local Government and later the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government. Before that he was CEO of the Australian Local Government Association and had a long career in local and state governments and as a consultant.Graham remains involved with international organisations that aim to advance local governance and democracy. In 2021 Graham published Not so Simple: the origins and implications of Central Coast Council’s ‘financial calamity’ which argued that most of the Council’s problems were in fact the result of State government policies and decision-making.[email protected] ... See MoreSee Less
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Our dog Peggy is missing. She wasn’t home when we returned from a meeting on Monday night (19/2/24). Missing around Maroney Rd, Mangrove Mountain.She is old and sometimes a bit confused😏 Peggy pictured on the right. Please phone 0417042617 ... See MoreSee Less
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Bob has experienced bushfires a few times in his life. The 2019-20 Black Summer bushfire at his home in Shoalhaven, NSW was the worst he’d ever seen. “On New Year’s Eve, my wife Kaye and I had been celebrating with family and we had very little warning at all. The next thing I knew, I was driving through flames in my street. I just got out of the car and put on some overalls, a hard hat and some boots with no socks and started defending my home. We were fortunate because I had my own power and water - I had firefighting equipment, hoses, pump and a generator, and I defended and saved my property and some of my neighbours'.People used to think I was nuts because I was so prepared. But not after that..Living in the country, we've had to be resilient enough to look after ourselves whatever the situation, whether it's a flood, whether it's fire – and we get both here - you've got to be prepared to do the hard work to protect your home. And if you can make it easier by making your home as resilient as possible and almost self–defending, why wouldn’t you?I’m a big supporter of the Resilience Ratings app – because every little detail counts, even small gaps and things I hadn’t thought of – the app helped me understand those. Some homes that needed a bit of maintenance or had let the garden grow up too much next to windows – they were lost in the fires. And I’m getting older – lots of us are around here – and we won’t always be able to defend our properties or rely on help. We need to prepare our homes as if we won’t be here to defend when the next fires come. The Ratings app is a great tool to help you get ready, even if you think you are already prepared, there’s always more you can do. And it’s something to tell your neighbours about – I’m telling anyone who will listen to get their Rating!”Learn more about the Bushfire Resilience Rating and access the app: Bushfire Resilience Rating app was developed by Australia’s leading researchers and engineers in collaboration with bushfire-affected communities, funded by the National Emergency Management Agency and supported by industry sponsors IAG, BlueScope Australia and NAB.#DRR #ResilientCommunities #buildingresilience #bushfires #resilientbuilding #disasterpreparedness #riskreduction #ResilienceRating #disasterriskreduction #BushfireRating #BushfireResilienceRating #BushfireResilience #CommunityResilience #getready #getprepared #readytogether #bushfireapp #freeapps ... See MoreSee Less
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Community News Issue 938 - dated 1/3/2024


Fundraiser to help Matthew Hall & Jade Bousfeld – CN937

Fundraiser to help family after horrific accident This fund raiser has been sent up to help our friends Matthew Hall and Jade Bousfeld. On Tuesday morning, 6th of February, there was a terrible accident involving three trucks and a ute along Peats Ridge Rd, Somersby which kept that section of road closed for 48hrs. This accident involved Matthew Hall, a local, a friend and a father of four little children. Unfortunately Matt was heavily involved in this accident, no fault of his own. He was just driving home from work on a usual Tuesday morning. He was trapped in his…


GET INVOLVED – Developing a Community Resilience & Disaster Response Plan – CN933

GET INVOLVED – Developing a Community Resilience & Disaster Response Plan Wednesday 22nd November, 6pm to 7pm at Mangrove Mountain Hall The next community participation event will be used to progress the development of a community resilience and disaster response plan. Also to help residents prepare their own resilience and emergency plans. Don’t wait for a bushfire, flood or storm – GET READY!! * What are the community’s priorities in terms of getting ready for emergencies and how will we collaborate with emergency services agencies to address them? * How will responsibility for the area be shared – are there…


Mangrove Mountain & Districts Community News

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